Five Ways to Save Money on Utilities | Woodstock Real Estate Agent

Top 5 Ways to save $$$ on your Utility Bill


Utility Bills are one of the largest expenses homeowners have each month. Save yourself Money by trying these 5 easy steps.

1.  Energy Audit - Nightly before bed take a quick walk around making sure all devices are off, unplugging anything that is convenient even when not in use those appliances are using power.

2.  Water Heater - Lower the temperature on your water heater it will not affect the temperature of your shower but will lower your bill.

3.  Clean Filters - Clean filters approximately once a month. To much dust and debris effects the efficiency of your furnace or air conditioner.

4.  Adjust Temperature - Adjusting your temperature by a degree or two will not affect your comfort level only you bill.

5. Monitor your Meter - Seems silly but even utility companies make errors are you taking the measures to reduce costs but your bills are staying the same check your meter against your bill and make sure they jive if not contact your utility company.


So with these 5 easy steps you can save money for the more important things.