Prepping Your Home for Fall

It’s time to prep for those cooler days and cozier homes. Whether that means you add to or finish your honey-do list, fall is a great season. Summer has settled, the kids are back in school and finally routine is back in order and those windows are open getting that nice clean air in!

Fall also means vibrant red, orange, and yellow foliage, lots of pumpkins. But, it also means winter isn't far away. Here are a few projects—from looking after your exterior to maintaining your heating system—that can help your home brace for the cold and save you some cash.

Interior Maintenance

  1. Check for drafts. 

  2. Have your furnace inspected. 

  3. Winterize air conditioning. 

  4. Programmable thermostat. 

  5. Test home safety devices. 

  6. Clean humidifiers. 

Exterior Maintenance

  1. Do a roof check. 

  2. Check the chimney and fireplace.

  3. Stock up on firewood. 

  4. Inspect siding. 

  5. Clean the gutters. 

  6. Check water drainage. 

  7. Reinforce windows and doors. 

  8. Turn off faucets and store hoses.

  9. Service sprinklers and irrigation system. 

  10. Inspect trees.

  11. Trim landscaping. 

  12. Bring in flowerpots. 

  13. Plant bulbs. 

  14. Leaf removal. 

  15. Fertilize lawn. 

  16. Put away seasonal furniture. 

  17. Close the pool. 

  18. Organize the shed. 

In the Garage

  1. Service summer power equipment. 

  2. Store summer vehicles.

  3. Get winter equipment ready. 

  4. Test the generator.

  5. Buy extra gasoline. 

  6. Clean the garage.