How Often???

How often do doctors recommend you get a check up?  Usually, once a year.  How regularly do advisors suggest you review your investments?  Most say at least annually.

So how often should you review your home with your real estate agent?  You guessed it, Once a year!! 

Why is that review so important?  First, your home is a big investment; probably your biggest.  So it's smart to get updated on on its current market value.  But there is more to it than that.  In addition to being an investment, your home is also part of your lifestyle.  It's important to review it each year to see if it's still a good fit for your changing needs.

As head of the Jennifer Gale Real Estate Team, myself or one of my partners would be happy to stop by at your convenience and do an "Annual Real Estate Checkup".  We'll let you know, approximately, what your property is worth on today's market, and can discuss with you the latest market trends.

Call or email myself or the team anytime you'd like to set up a review.

We look forward to meeting & working with you!