Contemplating Getting into Real Estate Investing??

Investing can be a roller coaster of a ride and this includes putting your money into real estate as well, but the ride is short and the gains are worth it in the long run!

Most Canadians who put their hard earned money into their homes and build up equity versus choosing the stock market road will end up earning more in the long game.  

Why Invest in Real Estate versus other avenues?

1. It's a solid, familiar investment

2. Forced Savings - having to contribute and make monthly payments on your mortgage builds up equity and future security for you and your family.

3. Appreciation - roller coaster of supply and demand trends means your home will increase in value 

4. Tax Free Profits - when you sell your principal residence, any profits earned on the sale are tax free! 

5. Building up Equity - the value of your home will rise over time simply by doing nothing and each monthly payment pays down your mortgage over time as your home value rises...the difference between value and balance of mortgage = home equity.  You can turn in this earned equity for additional financial room, to ask for a second mortgage, or maybe to upgrade your principal residence.  Having equity gives you more choice and opportunity to better your circumstances and provide future security.

If you are thinking of getting into Real Estate Investing and want to learn more.... we are hosting our first ever Seminar on Investing in Real Estate on Thurs March 8th from 7-9pm at the Re/Max a-b Realty office in downtown Woodstock, 463 Dundas St.  Come listen, ask questions and meet our team!  We will have industry expert key note speakers, wine and cheese and door prizes. This will be a fantastic opportunity to learn how to start making your money work for you!!! Hope to see you there!  Please RSVP by March 1st to Lisa at 519 788 9624 or by email to