Getting Your Home "Spring" Ready!

Spring is an ideal time to get your house in order, particularly if you're considering putting it on the market. These should definitely be on your spring 'to do' list:


Clean, clean, clean: Baseboards, light switches, and other items you don't normally clean will need a good scrubbing after a long, dark winter. Get the whole family involved and this won't take nearly as long as you think.

HVAC System: Your furnace and air conditioning unit should be inspected, so call your furnace company to send a professional inspector. Now is also a good time to replace your furnace filter. 

Basement: Does your basement fall prey to spring thaws? Is there water or dampness that needs to be addressed? A dehumidifier can help dry up your crawlspace or basement. You may want to call in a professional to do any necessary repairs. 

Consider upgrades: If you're going to be putting your house on the market, simple, yet effective upgrades may be in order. In particular, potential buyers look for updated kitchens and bathrooms. You'll be amazed at what a fresh coat of paint can do to freshen up your home. Choose neutral colors, giving a 'move in ready' appearance. 

Declutter: Gather up those old papers and magazines that have been piling up all winter and either donate them or recycle them. The same goes for clothes, dishes and other items you no longer use. 


Gutters: Leaves and other debris should be cleaned from your gutters so they can protect your home properly.

Doors & Windows:  Not only will these need to be cleaned, they may need to be painted to give them a fresh look. Consider replacing older windows and doors with more energy efficient models. They will cost more, but will be more appealing to buyers. 

Garden/Landscaping:  Curb appeal is everything. Clean up your yard, get rid of debris and leaves, and make sure the path to your front door is as appealing as possible. Flowers, shrubs, patio stones and lighting are all great ideas.

Roof: Is your roof more than 15 years old? It may need to be replaced. Check for leaks and repair any holes or cracks as soon as possible.

Getting your home spring-ready can help increase its value on the market and put more money in your pocket.