Get your Outdoor Space Summer Ready

With the weather getting nice I have decided to make the May Newsletter about getting your yard ready so when summer hits you can just put your feet up and enjoy the beauty you have created.


Your home is going to be the jewel of the neighbourhood I will keep it simple with just 5 steps, make sure you get the whole family involved.


1.  Aeration - This is where you penetrate the soil with small holes, this makes it easier for the water and air to get into your soil. So either rent the aeration tool yourself or I am sure those people will be wheeling their aeration machines around your neighbourhood soon.


2.  Weeds – Now is the time to start removing those pesky weeds we all love, you can either do this by hand or use a pesticide. Put down a layer of mulch and this will help prevent wees after all your hard work


3.  Trim & Prune – Remove any shrub branches or anything that is dead and overgrown from last season. If you have some flowers that are starting to taking on a life of their own cut them back and start them somewhere else or hand them on to a friend.


4.  Driveway – Sometimes after those harsh winters your driveway takes a toll, clean it up of all the debris and give it a good look over for cracks or pits. If you have do have some cracks or minor pits you can head to your local home depot and get the supplies to repair it yourself. If you are not feeling that adventurous then call in the professionals. Taking care of these thing when they are small problems is the way to go.


5.  Watering – Make sure you maintain a regular watering schedule to ensure all the your flower, tree and grass roots are strong. This will also help keep your grass looking lush and green when the harsh summer sun comes. Your lawn should get at least 3 cm of water weekly.


So get the family started on this 5 step process and you will be the envy of the neighbourhood.